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When I first started attending boot camp I wore a size 16, and now I am a size 12, but can fit some 10's. My bust size was a triple D and now it's a D. The most spectacular thing however, is geared toward my health. At my last annual Dr's visit early this week, my Dr. expressed to me that my numbers (glucose, blood pressure, good and bad cholestrol, lipids, all blood work) is excellent!!!! She told me that even though my chronological age is 38, my REAL age per my blood work is between 25-28 (Big Smiles:) ) taking 13 years off off my chronological age.
I want to give my heart felt thanks for encouraging me to dig in deep and not give in when body wants to stop.You have definitely been a Life Saver!!!!!

~ Kimyata C., Michigan



Nutrition and Fitness Classes

Weight Loss & Nutrition Discussion Group

Are you struggling to reach and maintain a healthy weight? Do you need additional support and motivation with reaching your weight loss goals? If so, then join our Weight Loss & Nutrition Discussion Group and get the support that you need to make lasting lifestyle changes. This class provides a realistic approach to losing weight while giving you one-on-one attention in combating the issues that sabotage your weight loss efforts. Join other people like yourself who:

Eat too much sugar and too many sweets.

Are always “on the go”; getting most of their meals from a drive–thru window.

Start a new diet every Monday and by Wednesday they are back to their old eating habits.

Do well during the day, but by the evening, eat everything in sight.

Don’t seem to eat a lot, but still cannot lose the weight.

The list goes on and on and on. Now you can: Start Losing Today

6 Weeks To Sexy Outdoor Boot Camp

6 Weeks to Sexy is a fat loss workout specifically designed for ladies who want to lose weight, tone up and enhance their fitness. Our program is great for those that need a little extra motivation and guidance. Not only does the program feature workouts and nutritional guidance but it has an amazing group of women!

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Curvy Girls Outdoor Boot Camp

Lifestyle changing programs with Amazing Results! Our Women ONLY Boot Camps are a fat-burning, circuit training program designed by women for women. No matter what your age or fitness level, we have designed the best workout program for women of all shapes, sizes and abilities. You can achieve your personal weight loss goals regardless of how out-of-shape or out-of-breath you are.

Learn more: Curvy Girls Outdoor Boot Camp

Curvy Girls Indoor Boot Camp

Curvy Girls Indoor Boot Camp is an exciting indoor, total body workout. Nutrition instruction and healthy eating are a part of our program. We teach you how “NOT TO DIET” but how to lose fat the right way and keep it off for good. No matter your age or fitness level, or whether you are looking to lose 5 - 75 lbs, our boot camps are one of the fastest ways to get your body fit and in fantastic shape for the summer!

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Senior Fitness

It's never too late to move your body! We have a summer fitness program for adults 50 and older that incorporates fun, physical activity and healthy eating into one exciting class. Each class consists of fat blasting cardio, strength training and flexibility exercises coupled with nutritional discussion and food demonstrations.

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Here you will find the schedule for all of our classes.

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