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I came not sure what to expect. I did the workout that day and loved it! I even got a couple of my co workers to take the classes and they love it too. The class is more than I expected. We get an excellent workout and tips on eating better and living a healthier lifestyle in general.
I'm telling everyone I know about this class!

~ Tamika W., Michigan

Community and School Health

Over the past 40 years, obesity rates have soared among children of all ages in the United States. Approximately 25 million children and adolescents — more than 33 percent — are now overweight or obese or at risk of becoming so.


Children/teens should be physically active and need to exercise regularly, however, there has been a steady decline of physical fitness and nutritional education in youth across the country. To take control over the current epidemic of childhood obesity, every BODY is teaming up with local schools to reverse this troubling trend with an innovative program designed to promote healthy eating and exercise among our nation's youth.


We've created a school-based program that offers a cooperative approach to combating obesity through physical activity, nutrition and health education. Our goal is to help children/teens ages 6 -17 gain a healthy perspective on diet and fitness while providing them with the tools to be successful weight controllers for life. We make fitness fun and exciting for children/teens of all shapes, sizes and abilities.


If your school is interested in joining the fight against childhood obesity and would like every BODY to customize a program for your school, please:

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