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What was your favorite part of the class? Working with the exercise ball.

How much weight did you lose? 3- 5 lbs

What did you learn from the class? I need to workout more.

~ Kieran



Frequently Asked Questions - Teen Girl Fitness and Health


As with most of our classes, it varies. One day could be obstacle courses and circuit training; the next day could be team races and partner workouts. Each session ends with a 15 minute discussion on nutrition and alternatives to “junk food”. We always try to make physical fitness and healthy eating fun and exciting for your child.

We Push Them Harder: Most people rarely push themselves as hard as an exercise professional will. We certainly will not do anything to cause them physical injury, but we will push them to work harder than they would on their own.


Quicker Results: We use many different physical activities such as Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Cardio Drills and Resistance Training. This combination of exercises will boost results much quicker than typical exercises and workout classes.


Built in Support Group: **every BODY offers a non-intimidating atmosphere ** Forming friendships provide them with instant "accountability partners" who will keep them motivated and disciplined.


Integrity: All of our programs are taught by certified/experienced trainers.


It is FUN: There are no "cookie cutter" workouts. Each workout session is different so they don't get bored! Our instructors incorporate the most progressive, innovative and creative exercises in the fitness industry in order to provide an efficient fat blasting workout.

This class is for boys and girls ages 8-12.

What Should I Expect?

Our instructors always put your child’s health first. We constantly show modified moves so everyone can participate and have fun. Our experienced, motivating instructors will encourage your child to push themselves to the next fitness level.

Comfortable workout clothing and running shoes. Please dress appropriately for the weather.

Exercise Mat


Positive, fun attitude

How Do I Get Started?

Signing up is easy. Simply arrive to class 5-7 mins ahead before class begins.

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Regrettably, there are no refunds for Pay As You Go classes.

These classes are Pay As You Go.

There are no memberships for Pay As You Go classes.

There is no formal cancellation process, however, we wouldn't want to see your child go.


Please call 248-556-2303 for updates. Additionally, we will try our best to inform you of scheduled cancellations.

If there is inclement weather, class will be canceled.

If your question is not answered in the FAQ's or if you want more information, please contact us here.